Monday, February 11, 2013

The Begining is Near

Every chapter comes to an end at some point. And its usually always sad, and filled with grief. But if there isn't anything you can do to keep the chapter moving, and you know you have tried everything, if it wants to close, close it will. I know I did everything to show nothing but loyalty, willingness, and love for this chapter and in the end if it wants to reopen I suppose it could. But for now, I have to look ahead and heal the hurt while doing so.

New chapter has alot of wonderful things in it. So even though its so painful to move ahead, what I'm walking into is pretty great, and that helps.

I have these faces to kiss, and little youngins to watch grow
I have a marriage that I will continue to strengthen and grow.
I have a business that is blooming, and dreams that I'm realising with  each order made, I save another buck towards my future home. I'm also working on a new book. I'm hoping to have it done by 2015. So even though it hurts to move on from something you desperately wanted, sometimes to you have to just let it go and move on, and that can be really great too. I still love my God, like no other and know that I will be protected in this new chapter, the flesh might have pushed me away but God never turns on those that love and trust. My Faith is strong.
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