Saturday, February 23, 2013


I realised that I never had formally introduced my children. So here is a photo and little biography of each love bug.

This is my 7 year old Talon who I call my mad scientist. Hes incredibly bright and has a kind heart. He will always try to help a friend or send some love to cheer up a friend. He is my mad scientist because he can remember every detail hes learned about dinosaurs and every detail of the book he just read but will run outside without shoes on in the snow if I don't remind him hes barefoot! He was born with an opinion about everything and I have no idea where he gets some of them, he is definitely his own person with a heart of gold.

This is my Eve, the princess. She is my calm laid back little girl, who needs her juice in the morning like I need my coffee. She has a servants heart and is always hanging onto my skirt or apron wondering what I am doing and if she can help me. She loves all things pink,and will twirl all over the house because she is a ballerina!
This is my baby Luke, the noisy boy. Even though he is my third child he was my first in many other things. He was my first natural birth. He was my first baby with colic! He grew out of his colic (with the help of a holistic chiropractor and holistic remedies and lots of patient snuggles and pacing from mommy and daddy) but he still is a noisy boy. He has no problem letting us know when hes upset, uncomfortable, unhappy, happy, excited or wants to watch Yo Gaba Gaba! He has been trying to keep up with the big kids and by 7 months started pulling himself up on things and cruising around. After a few bumps on his head from attempts at unassisted walking he decided crawling is a much safer means of transportation. Hes a good baby, and brings delight to our family.
I hope someday to have more children in our family, either biologically or adoption or fostering or perhaps all three. God gave me a MOTHERS heart and I truly do not think I was put on this earth for any other reason then to raise up these blessings. My life did not begin until I had them and I live to make their lives rich and full.
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