Monday, May 28, 2012


                                               We took naps

                                              We snuggled
      We drew pictures. Talon drew our family, I am the one holding Luke or taking up the violen. Ill leave that up to your artful eye.
          We made egg in the hearts, and heart maple french toast

                            Which looked like this before I ate it.

  We tried out our swing, and smiled at the pig and chick on it. (I went from being unsure about how he felt for the pig and chick, to deciding he liked them. either way, he did not take his eye off of them the entire time he swang.)

     and last but not least we read a bedtime story, and went nitey nite.

I hope you guys all enjoyed your Sunday! 01 02 18

Friday, May 25, 2012


My lavender plants! They are starting to turn purple...Oh how I love them!

 another lovely bloom in my garden! My daughter enjoys picking them for gifts for me,

 the raised bed project so far. i chose the ugly cinderblocks because I plan on planting strawbery plants in each one.  We need to fill the bed with dirt and will most likely plant late season crops here.

something left over from last year...too big to be cucumber i think...some melon though thats for sure! 01 02 18

Friday, May 11, 2012

Raising heck.....

Just kidding. No heck raising here! But we will be raising the garden beds this week. Thats if my washing machine is fixed quickly. The machine decided to start making a really strange sound and stop working a few days ago while i was on my second soaking of my clothe diapers. I have since, been washing in the bathtub with a broom as the agitator, with a baby in my arm. Thankfully its not too hard, I find it adventerous, and I managed to get three loads done pretty quickly. I am thankful for having that option to wash, and atleast my dryer is still working.
So this Sunday, my husband (I cant lift heavy due to my birth a few weeks ago) will be lining our veggie beds with cinder blocks. Then we will be filling them with dirt, up to the level of the block. Inside the blocks I will fill with dirt as well and plant strawberries in each one. I figure it will give us the ultimate spacing options so that we can grow more veggies this year, then last.
I will take photos of the progress and post them on here as we go! 01 02 18