Monday, January 14, 2013

A wish and a will

It sure is no secret that my dream is to move out of this city, out to the country, and own a bed and breakfast on a small homesteading farm. I love to host people, cook for them and make them happy and feel at home. I love animals, and I love gardening and being outdoors is just wonderful. I also love hard physical labor, there is something about getting your hands dirty and flexing your muscles that is so satisfying to me!
For the past two years, all of our savings has gone, due to financial hardships. Since my husband has still not found a good paying job, we are living hand over fist. After  months of being unable to pay our mortgage, and weekly "chats" with the mortgage company to be more patient, they have started the foreclosure process anyway, and we are desperately trying to save our little homestead in the city. Funny that our goal was to never stay here, but now so that we wont be homeless, we are fighting to keep it. How do things end up this way? How ironic.
Everyday husband will go off to work, come home and spend sometime helping me, playing with the children and then starts job searching.
Everyday I take care of the little ones, homeschooling, cook and prep meals, clean and do laundry, make soaps and detergents when needed, bake desserts. Research ways to save money and sew orders and for stock for my online store.  By the end of the day my head is spinning and I'm exhausted. Then I get to sleep poorly at night and get up and do it all over again. I know that all of our hard work will eventually pay off but when you are struggling for so long and you have no idea how much longer you have to keep trod ding forward it is so very hard to keep up with everything and remain positive. But remain positive I will. I will try to keep up with my blog more, Keep updates of everything that is going on here during the winter months on the little city homestead.
Until then, I wish you all well and hope that everyone of my readers is having a great start to their new year. 01 02 03
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