Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some count sheep, I count Blessings

I genuinly enjoy being pregnat. I dont mind the gas, the constipation, the morning sickness, the constant kicking and rib poking. I even can handle the emotions and the forgetfullness (i dont know if my husband can say the same haha) but the two things that occur during my pregnancies that really are hard to deal with are the heart burn and the wear tearing feelings I get on the left side of my stomach. Almost like the baby is ripping me open from the inside. They both occur at the end of the day, and one keeps me up most of the nite. HEART BURN! With my first baby it started at 8 months, it was bad, but staying up all nite was just something I thought would get me used to the change in my life about to occur. Id sit up and watch out the window at my housemates cat frollicking and playing in the moonlights glow all nite. During the day I didnt work anymore, so Id be home cleaning, cooking and relaxing. Sleepless nights were not too much of a problem. With my second the heart burn started around 7 and a 1/2 months and it got to be a bit tougher, but we took precautions to keep it at bay, and since Talon would nap so would I. This pregnancy the heart burn and sleepless nites started two months ago at 4 months. For two months ive been sleeping basicly from 4 am to 9am. I will take it! It is better then nothing, which is what I got last nite, nothing! I sat up all stinking nite listening to the snores and "other sounds" of my family sleeping around me and I tried to keep my worrisome thoughts at bay, as those thoughts always occur most easiest in the morning hours, when it seems like the man in the moon decides to give back your worries to you. To mull them over. Instead of thinking about those though, I sit up counting my blessings. Focusing on the positives in my life and saying thank you for each one. I am truelly blessed. I thought Id share these blessings with you.

I am grateful that I can see the good that comes out in the bad.
When my mother died, it was a huge loss, the biggest Ive had. But it brought my dad and me closer.
When my husband lost his job and we had no money whatsover but it showed us that we could trust in God because everything worked out, we never ran out of food, we didnt lose our home, and my kids had a good holiday, thanks to the kindness of others.
We keep getting examples that we can see and use to make ourselves better people.
that I am a humble person with a sense of  a humor about myself and dont have problems pointing out my own flaws and i dont mind working on myself. It sucks to hear things about myself im not ready to hear, but I really want to be strong, so I get over it, work on it, and move on.
im happy ive learned to look at myself more and stop looking at others, though i still have issues with that, i dont do it as much anymore.
that i have a really close friend who always encourages me, helps me fix things in my life through examples, and encouragment and will always stick up for me :)
happy i have my fb girls who  also always there to give encouragment and perhaps one day we will all meet.
and the little things in life which or so huge to me
my husband will rub my ankles and feet whenever i ask, even if they are stinky haha
that even when we dont have much money he will take a bit that we do have to make me feel special (like surprising me with a prenatel yoga dvd and yoga mat)
that if i cant keep up and i need to sit down and rest, he will pick up where i left off.
how the children listen for his car when hes coming home and then run to the kitchen yelling "da das home!!" and the come out and say "surprise!" giving him a improptu surprise party every time he comes home. i think its a nice thing for him to come home to.
im glad he comes home to us. :)
how eve will tell me to "com'n! da das home!" like i want to run along with them to surprise him at the door. haha
i love the look on talons face when he gets something during school.
how my kids play so nicely together and even though there is arguments there are never grudges.
how talon knows what he wants to be when he grows up and how im certain he will do it.
how Eve will show me what daddy put on her for the day. she loves wearing a pretty outfit! haha cant wait to show it off to me.
i can see here and tell alot more blessings, i was up ALL nite and there were plenty to think of but I should probably get ready for the day. :)
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