Saturday, August 13, 2011

The First Post

So we have finally purchased our first home. Its in an undesirable area. Not much space of gardening and we are cramped right onto our neighbors. They dont know much about homesteading and dont seem to interested in the idea. Who is these days? Not many, but you would be surprised to know that after it faded out in the early 1900's its making a big comeback. Ive not had a hard time finding books and blogs about it. Its been my passion for years now and always renting have never been able to dive into it. So the first thing I did when we got made setttlement on this house was start a compost. You cant have a good garden if you dont have good soil. the soil around here is mostly rocks and beer bottles. Left over from years and years of drunks no doubt! lol
Homesteading is basicely making everything you need on your own without help from a grocery store or market of some sourt. though we do go to farmers markets to get the things we cant grow in our own yard. which so far is much of it. we are just starting out. hopefully next year well have more food produced from our own yard!  We also make our own laundery detergant, bread, clothes, (not allclothes but an ammount) wash clothes, blankets. Im learning how to can fruits and veggies for the winter too, which is an adventure on its own. In this blog Ill talk about our adventures as new homesteaders and overcoming the issues of living on very little and cramped land while doing so!  Think we are weird? Dont worry Im sure our neighbors do too. Its just par for the course! Hope you enjoy reading thru our journey! 01 02 03
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