Friday, July 27, 2012

How to make your own Liquid Fabric Softener

You will need a bottle of cheap conditioner (pick your scent carefully, your clothes will smell like it!) 3 cups of vinegar and 6 cups of water. Hang onto some empty bottles to transfer the softener into.

Recruit an adorable helper who enjoys pouring and stirring.

Squirt the entire bottle of conditioner into a pan. You are "supposed" to only use 2 cups, but I used the whole bottle. Lady bug would like me to warn, the bottle makes "toot" sounds when squeezing, apparently.

It causes giggles to ensue.

So once the conditioner is in the pan, add 3 cups of vinegar and turn pan on medium high heat.

Stir the conditioner into the vinegar until its all incorporated. Not everyone does this, but I like to do this because I feel it makes it more "soapy" and less "conditionery" No that isn't a word, but I like to throw the spell checker through a loop every now and again.

Pour the vinegar and conditioner mix into the 6 cups of water and have a little lady bug that likes to stir, gently stir it all together.

Once that is all done, pour it into your empty containers you set aside and wash as usual. Enjoy! (As much as you CAN enjoy doing laundry.)
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